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  • Mona's voice is so, so, soooo annoying. I had to stop playing it because of this. I know the argument of "turning off the voice acting", but it isn't a modern adventure game without it!

  • I hated Mona's voice. I'll still probably get the game though. I love the art style.

  • Even though I do not like her voice, l believe Mona has that sort of voice so as to make her sound like a bafoon since she does seem uneducated

  • When i first tried out the demo i also thought that the voice is kind of annoying but after playing it for some time it all vanished and now i really like her voice, it fits pretty well. Meanwhile i've bought the game and also there i'm playing it with english voices instead of the german ones.

    And oh Hurray it finally arrived!!! :O)

  • It has great graphics, great voices (is that MAX from hit the road voice?) great work all around... but its too damn short

    I felt I was playing an extended Demo or something, as far as i know it wasnt advertised as episodic gaming, they divided the story in three, but never expected it to be quite a short "chapter".

    I dare to say it's a tad shorter than any Sam and max episode but priced 3 times more... not very happy about that though :/

    But cant deny it's a very well done product.

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