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Ragnar Tornquist (TLJ and Dreamfall) discusses Sam and Max!

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The creator of recent point and click adventure games The Longest Journey and its sequal Dreamfall recently mentioned Sam and Max and Telltale's episodic distribution plan on his blog! right here. In the days following he also gave some insight into his opinion of the episodic distribution model.

Thought people might want to know!

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  • Thanks for the link. His next few posts after that one talk about episodic gaming, too. I'm looking forward to the case for the defense. :D

  • And here it is - (the case for the defense that is).

    Here is a nice quote:

    "...I wish Sam & Max (and Telltale) the best of luck, and my fingers are firmly crossed. I definitely hope that we’ll see more companies moving into this segment in the time to come - and I’m sure they will - and that a few years from now, it’ll be a viable form of distribution..." (Ragnar Tornquist)

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