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Why couldn't Pete and Nick be the next Carley and Doug?

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In season 1 saving Doug or Carley were the game changers, because those characters were so different.

In season 2 saving Pete or Nick just gives you a different opening for episode 2.

Does Nick server a purpose for episode 4 or episode 5?
  • At first I thought you were talking about a romance...

    *heavy sigh of relief*

    Hopefully Nick serves a larger purpose in Episode 4. I mean, he better!

    *cocks shotgun* TellTale better make it so...
  • You can do much more character development with a guy like Nick than you can do with a guy like Pete. Because you meet Pete and you already feel safe with him and instantly like him the most out of the group, and him having already established his viewpoint of Nick and how he wants him to turn out, it was no surprise that his time was over.

    And also because Telltale loves to kill characters we like because it's twd and those things are what make us sad and bring our tears.

    Nick on the other hand, much more room for development, the guy is so full of goods and so full of faults to the point of being the most human like character out of the whole cast, he's far from perfect, he's no Kenny and no Luke, but he is........Nick is Legit, Nick is like the most legitimate legit character, and there's a hell of a lot that can be put into that. He's so filled yet there's so much room to fill with even more. Be it more goods or more faults or whatever. Both very progressively likable for the players and easier/more versatile to write for the writers.
  • It seemed pointless considering Nick became a determinant character anyways.
  • I got the perfect comment for this,

    I say YES Love knows no boundaries!
  • Because they would've been the next Carley and Doug. What I mean is, as great as S1 was, no one wants a remake or the exact same thing with a different name. S2 needs to be able to stand on its own two feet, and ending it's first episode exactly the same as last season's first episode wasn't the way to do that. Besides, I like been given the "illusion of control" every now and then (such as cutting Lee's arm) so, as much as I loved Pete, I actually kinda liked that he couldn't be saved because it made me feel so helpless and powerless.
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