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Interesting Interview with Bill Tiller...

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...spotted at Adventure-Treff:〈=eng

Regarding TTG i especially found this one interesting:

A-T: "Autumn Moon Entertainment has several similarities with Telltale Games. It's also a North American adventure developer - although they are doing 3D and episodic - and they also employ some former colleagues of you. Are you in contact with them?"

Bill: "No, not really. In the beginning we talked about them helping with our tech, but the cost was too high for us at the time - in hindsight that would have probably been a good move - but in the end we now have a very good engine that does exactly what we want and we can use it for multiple games.
We also pitched them a game idea but they didn't want to make it for some reason. They never actually told me why. But the door is open at AME, so who knows, maybe some day we will."


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