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Come on guys have faith in TT Games. I'm sure TFTBL will be awesome :)

posted by RosemaryTWDFan on - Viewed by 1K users
Look I didn't play either Borderlands game at all. I watched my friends play and it's pretty awesome. I was about to play, but my subscription for ps plus expired. Telltale makes pretty awesome games. Their the company who can turn classics and media into awesome games.

They told us this is a prequel/sequel to the game which means you don't necessarily need to play the game before playing. They are doing what they doing for the Wolf Among Us. Letting people who never played Borderlands a chance to get a feel what it's like, so that when you beat or play this game you'll want to get into the actual games.

Shit I'll watch someone on youtube play episode 1 then decide if I want it. I did this before playing TWD season 1 and TWAU. People should stop with the hate on this game. The characters look awesome and memorable.

So yea please stop hating on a game that's still in production. Have faith in TT games. You do not have to go out your way to play the first two Borderlands games before this one. I'm addicted to choose your own decision games so there's a 50/50 chance I'll buy this.

These guys make really good games. Who knows they might even make a game for The Last Of Us because most of us still want to know characters back stories. They might make a Mortalkombat game too :). Who knows what they are thinking. All I know is this game looks pretty bad ass...
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