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Series 1: Jerky

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Perhaps somebody can offer a solution to jerky game play in #104?

I downloaded the free Abe Loncoln Must Die (some time ago) to test on this pc. It installs and runs - but very jerkily. Really unplayably so. I have searched the web for any advice, and drawn a blank. Specs on this pc are not great, but meet the requirements:
Pentium4 2.4
512 Mb RAM
32 Mb Matrox Millenium G550
DirectX 9.0c

The G550 may well be the problem, of course, but I have checked DXDiag and all tests pan out ok.

Running at 32bit True Color.

Graphics are jerky, and some speech is broken or repeats itself.

Any advice will be appreciated.


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  • Not sure I can help out here. Your video card just barely registers on the I can run this game scale. I would try setting everything to as low as it will go and see if that helps and then move up one by one until it gets bad and then go back to the ones that ran better.

  • You could also try updating your DirectX.

    Does the jerkiness happen immediately or is it something that builds up over time?

  • I can try updating the directx with directx updater, altho' I doubt that this really is the issue. The jerkiness is there as soon as the game proper starts (the intro is fine). I did try dropping everything to a low setting, and stopped all non-essential running processes such as anti-v, firewall, logged off my LAN . . .

    But I think that it is probably the Matrox card. It may have 32Mb RAM and it may run DirectX v9, but it ain't really a card fit for purpose, I guess. Sound is on-board; its tendency to break up may just be a consequence of the graphics struggle.

    This particular pc was an ex-work box (so never designed as a game machine) which I've cleared down and re-installed XP Pro, mainly as a test machine. My other pcs run Win98SE, but I have another build in the pipeline with XP + a GeForce 9600GT card. If that doesn't run 104, I would judge that the downloaded exe may be at fault in some way.

    Thank you both for posting back. I'll see how Abe runs on the new pc. If it works then I can buy the full set.



  • Yeah, the curse of a work machine. Sometimes there's only so much you can do.

  • A free Work Machine: a gift that keeps on giving . . .

    But the new pc takes Abe in its stride. Now I can order the full series without embarrassing blackouts.

    Thanks for help


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