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My new rant.

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Hola, mi llamo es Strong Max. I just wanted to put this out. Your market has almost DOUBLED because of SBCG4AP. Most of the new market has never heard of Sam&Max, but have recently tried it and loved it. It isn't our fault we never heard of it, we just never felt compulsed to put two men's names into google being that you usualy don't come out with anything pleasent. So I gues what I'm getting at is, I want the Sam& Max Casefile to be rereleased. You first argument would be, "The molds of the 'ingrediants' are no longer avalible." If that is the case, I am positive you will get your money back in double once it hits the store. Occasionaly one will turn up on eBay for $50. I hope you honor my thought.

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