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Brannigan in S2?

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Assuming that there will be a second season (I, for one, certainly hope so), in the next five episodes I would really like to see a storyline relating to a character that appears to have very tragically almost entirely been cut from this season, if the former EP3 slide is taken into account: Detective Brannigan. The idea of the Fable community being in danger from human discovery is extremely intriguing to me, and could make for some great, intense drama and storytelling, as we are asked questions like: How much is Bigby willing to sacrifice to keep the Fables safe? How much is Snow willing to? How will the "lower class", less privileged Fables we've seen so much of like Gren, Holly, and Toad react? And how should someone like Brannigan, who is just looking for answers, be dealt with?

Thoughts? Input? Suggestions? As was revealed if you went to the Tweedles' offices first and checked their files, there's still something going on with the detective- the Crooked Man himself instructed the duo to "Keep an eye on her", IIRC. So there is hope, it seems, that she hasn't been completely forgotten.

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