• could be a final twist but i'm not sure. About her confrontation with the Tweedles, I think she was just trying to not look intimidated, and besides who wouldn't be scared by Bigby wolfing out. I really want to check that board again for her name, which would be crazy if it was. And about the Nerissa thing, I think she left because she knew that she wasn't a help to Bigby at the time, and you can interpret what she was saying as relating to Beauty and Beast. And you do get the option to tell her that you will tell Snow after she asks you not to tell anyone - I chose it and she only said not to tell anyone other than Snow.

  • 2.At the butcher shop it was a Mr. White on the list, not a Ms. White. 3.Jersey was probably the one who told The Crooked Man that Bigby is coming. 5.Well, Snow knows Bigby is much more dangerous than Bloody Mary and the Tweedles, she was still worried for him when Mary broke his arm. 6.I think Nerissa meant that he has to protect them from The Crooked Man.

      1. You're right it's Ms. W then Mr. White.
      2. Yep.
      3. Yeah, it wasn't a real argument anyway, just a little thing to point out.
      4. I'm pretty sure she meant that he shouldn't trust people that are close to him, Nerissa says it in a weird way. By the way it wouldn't fit with Nerissa (as a character), she never says useless sentences, just like Faith used to.
  • My bad, checked the blackboard again and it's written 'Ms. W.' before 'Mr. White', as the name are classified in alphabetical order it can't be Ms. White. Damn it, my brain mixed these two names in Ms. White. Damn it.

  • But there was Rose Red on the board I think? Now thats interesting.

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