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Sam & Max s1. Choppy Wii Version: is a patch possible?

posted by Fourbus on - last edited - Viewed by 160 users

Hi all,
I just bought the PAL Wii version of Sam & Max season one. Though i love the atmosphere, the game is very difficult to play, the pointer does not respond quickly enough, and the whole game is choppy. I switch to standard definition, but nothing really changed. Do you think a patch fixing that kind of problem is possible?
If you need info, I tried the game in French and English (switching from the settings menu of the Wii).
Thanks and keep up the good work!

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  • I'm having the exact same problem (using PAL version also). The game is very choppy and sometimes it gets so choppy that it's unbearable. I'm really liking the game so far, with the exception of this technical problem.

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