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Great game runs almost on my 1 ghz

posted by Xillie on - last edited - Viewed by 95 users

Hi, I have strong bad episode 1 for my PC and when I tried running it on my 1ghz athlon I noticed the game actually appears to run great!

However, the only problem that comes up is that sometimes audio skips the 1st half second of a spoken sentence.

The game runs really smooth actually, in fact it appears that when the problem happens the audiosentence already starts when my computer has not completely rendered the new scene that goes with it. So when the camera has to change view, some things have to be loaded, it looks like the 400 milliseconds my computer needs for it (loading from 40mb/s UDMA100 disk) are not enough for the sound buffer and when the scene finally starts after half a second, I miss my first half second of sound. This happens only lets say once a minute but its a shame as the game appears to run good.

Í've read this advice about turning acceleration down on on my soundblaster live 5.1, but I dont want to do that as administrator when I then have to play all games less accelerated.

I use a geforce 4 mx with 64 MB, I too very sometimes have dissapearing eyes, guess 64mb is just a tad too little at those moments or something AGP isnt optimized? I can even hardset antialiasing and the game looks a little less jagged at no cost of performance.

All in all I wonder would there be a way to have the sounds (spoken sentences) not play untill the scene is completely loaded?

I probably got it all wrong and I also have a faster PC on which it runs much nicer, but in general I think telltale games are really really good for their low requirements. It would be even cooler if you could claim it runs on 1.0 ghz which I think its capable of.

Oh, and in sam and max demos, I do not really have this sound issue. S&M just give me 20ish fps:) which is cool.

thumbs up and greets,


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  • forgive my poor dyslectic forum expertise.
    Only now noticed a thread around this was already woven.
    Thought it was cpu power related but it appears not to reading problems of other people in that thread.

    Feel free to move or trash this one.


  • I think there are two different things going on here. The missing eyes glitch is not specific to your system but some of the other performance issues probably are. The Geforce4 MX is an older card that's really at the bottom end of what the game can run on, plus with the slow processor, it's just not a supported system. Some aspects of the game engine work differently in Strong Bad than in Sam & Max, which could account for why you're having problems with the Strong Bad games that you didn't with Sam & Max.

    Luckily you have a newer machine that it runs fine on!

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