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Make-o-You-Own Drive-Thru Whale Quote Contest

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Contest ends in Feburary!
One Grand prize of no (0) Strong Bad game(s) for Wii! (winner won't be sent a PM with a contagulations and request for friend code- do no give here!)
BUT, before you start chucking full bottles of merlot at your computer screen:
a)remember that SBCG4AP will quite litterally leave your Wii console a smoldering crater
b)numerous people don't even want the prwise
c)you will not get ye flask. I'm sorry, but them's the breaks
d)you will win a customised avatar for your profile. Just gimmee an idea if you win and I'll ship it to ya as soon as I want to.
We cool? Now gimme a hi-five.

Two runner-up prizes of pictures of pizza trophies (maybe you name on it)!
Here how you do it:

Don't forget to give the gift of lard!

How about a meal with your whoozit?

Please stay calm and re-enter the building.

(P.S. No real quotes)
(P.P.S. Like Homsar? Then see this other quote contest!!)

OK, I let yous go have fun now.

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