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Teen Girl Squad: Custom Deaths

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Here's the rules:

You are all going to post death events of the girls. Only pick one to kill. Leave the others' share. You can include dialouge as well. I will start again when all the girls die. You can decide not to kill if you want.


(So-And-So and What's Her Face’s arms are tied up running on a giant hamster wheel)

So-And-So: What exactly is this hamster wheel supposed to do?

Cheerleader: As far as I know, experiment monkeys were used to run on them.

What's Her Face: So there’s no purpose of running on this wheel?

Cheerleader: Remember when I said that sweating was against several of my religions-

So-And-So: (Deadline’d! a line with a moustache killed So-And-So with a revolver) Ow, my occasion of achievement on time!!!

There you go. I'll start it off:

Cheerleader: Pop Rock!

So-And-So: R&B/Soul!

What’s Her Face: Reggae and Hip-Hop!

The Ugly One: Latin Riff?

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