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The Wolf Among Us - the Animated Series

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Since i have played the first episode, i'm sure, seeing the cinematics that using ingame footage we could make a great TVShow or Anime. So i have made a little test using the 30 first minute of the first episode, recorded with FRAPS and short at 17min.

There was no mod or trick to remove the GUI, or the comment about remembering (like in Walking Dead), so i have made several tweaks :

  • resize of the shot with dialog selection, or comment
  • remove all charging/saving moment
  • remove QTE in fight by editing or resize, and entire part when they are not interesting.
  • remove waiting shot when there was just there for let time to the player to choose.

Actually some sequence are really hard to edit because some shots are really here for offering choice or interaction and not drama.

The next step will be to record game footage without music to avoid some gap with editing, and also to find way to short nicely fight, and sequence like the appartement when Bigby had to move inside the place, and bring a feeling of continuity in this video.

The question is how and when to split this episode in several part.

  • What do you think about that?
  • Could it be a great fiction or is it only working with game interaction?
  • Could it be interesting for a non-gamer, or even a comic fan?

The more interesting part is to think on choice of Bigby, not as player choice, but more on how i will imagine Bigby in a movie, and strangely i imagine it more as a silent selfish badass!

The Wolf Among Us

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