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Hit the Road Promo Items on eBay

posted by ZeroSA on - last edited - Viewed by 235 users

Hello again from the wondering eBay warden. I just saw that the same member (fishbones)
who sold that original "Bad Day on the Moon" page has another auction for a collection of promo
items from "Sam and Max: Hit the Road." Here is a link to the auction, and a list of what he has.
When I found it the bid was at 66 bucks. I might get in on this if it stays about that. Out bid
me and...You' I'm not very good with threats. Update: Final Price... $272.00 !!! And no, I didn't win.

Here is the link.

Here is a list of what he's selling:
A "shelf-talker"
Sam & Max floaty pen
Two badge-shaped window stickers
An oversized vinyl display of the stickers
Three stickers from the 1992 San Diego Comic Con Booth


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