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The Upcoming **** or ***** decision

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the dots are obviously luke and kenny well, considering the last two episodes made it quite clear were building towards this "oh look kenny and luke are in danger and i can only save one of them! hmm, who do i like more...." in episode 5 probably, now how exactly will it be done? as we know telltale they'll twist it somehow, hopefully, so it can be

  1. straight forward, guy we choose lives, guy we don't dies
  2. they both live, aka omid or christa
  3. one of them dies anyway and the other lives anyway aka duck or shawn
  4. they both die anyway, oh god please no
  5. Iinverted! my favourite, who ever you save dies, who ever you don't save manages to save himself

say, it's the end of episode 5, snowy-wintery-cold something, the remains of the group, consisting of clem, luke, kenny, and some of the other characters, plus a new character or two, are wallking through wellington, which surprise surprise...was eaten by zombies, they bump into a horde, theres a tense fight but everyone uppears to be not-hurt, then you see luke and kenny both struggling with a wallker, and losing, you only have bullet, you choose to save luke, you aim...and luke manages to overpower to wallker and throw him off, putting his head where the wallker's head just was, and he gets shot in the forhead by clementine, meanwhile you see kenny managed to overpower the wallker on him as well no bite and no nothing, and he and the others stare at luke in horror, or the same with opposite names episode end(or something like that) that will be quite sadistic, your choices do matter, see?

soo, whats your opinions on the matter?

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