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Rick's Group or Lee's Group?

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If you we're at the start of the zombie outbreak, which group would you join, Rick's or Lee's? And who would you follow among the survivors of each group (example: if you chose Rick's, who would you follow after the attack at the prison. if you chose Lee's, who would you follow after the escape from Carver's)?

  • depends tv show rick? or comic rick? they are pretty different I would most likely pick lee anyway

  • I've gotta say I love Glenn, but I love Nick more.

  • I would pick Lee's group and I would follow Kenny.

  • I'd go with Lee's group, I like the show but I like the game better

  • Real (comic) Rick's group almost without question. Lee's group got completely devastated. Only Christa and Clem survived on their own out in the wild for over a year. Christa is now MIA and Kenny is back with a questionable mental state.

    Rick's group, while having a rough go of it from the start has always been about long term survival and not just day to day. Rick plans for the future and while a lot of the time it didn't work out, where they are at in the comics as of issue 127 and 128 is a heck of a lot more preferable to where Clem's group is in Season 2 where she has been roaming the wild now without a home for over 16 months. Rick and company have had the DC safe zone for a very long time and at this point there are several members of the group that have been alive and with him for a long time. Three of which are from the very start, another from shortly after.

    I would definitely follow Rick or Andrea.

    • And Rick built a really big and powerful community. When I first saw it in issue 127, I was shocked. It looked like there are no zombies at all and this is just a happy small village. It's really hard to control such thing.

  • Fuck Ricks group atm.. Join and listen to Carl whine all day and watch shane fuck lori all day... FUCK DAT SHIT.. im goint to join Lee, Moustache man and clem clem's group.

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