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who else wants rick to lose his??? in the tv show?

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who else wants rick to lose his hand? kirkman has been teasing that hell lose it in season 5 and would just love it, if rick lost his right hand..

  • I thought it would happen in season 3, then it didn't. I waited for it to happen in season 4, didn't happen either. In my opinion they should have done it already.

    I guess you can say the writers need a hand..

  • I hope they kill everyone off and start over, that show has been ruined since Season 2 when they killed Shane. Then it went downhill.

    • Carol should of did a Katja in Season 2, at least she would have one good scene.

    • Totally agree. When Shane died I stopped watching. I found him to be the most interesting character of the series, with a legitimate internal conflict that ate away at him. He could be impulsive and violent, but he was ultimately well-intentioned. He saved Rick's life and got nothing but hostility in return. He was an interesting, complex character (especially compared to the rest of the cast, who were somewhat 2-dimensional), and I wish his character and Season 2 in general were taken in a different direction. It was a show that had potential and had me hooked, but then blew it.

      I'm glad it's successful and I'm glad people enjoy it, but I'll probably never watch subsequent seasons.

      • They went off into this crazy direction in the story line and Rick started going crazy. Then story became a soap opera about Glen and Maggie's relationship with a few zombies. Eventually Carl evolves into Solid Snake, and starts killing random people, and his dad is still crazy.

        The show is just terrible terrible writing. I stopped watching after Hershel died. I know it is stupid to say something is unbelievable in a ZA story, however the story line with the Governor i was laughing through the whole series. Nobody in Ricks group was like, lets go off this SOB except Merle and they let him go off by himself and die.

        • I find all these dislikes hilarious, not one of you will step up and try to argue any of these choices.

        • I think that the love shane has is weird. and yes this show has shitty writing, they don't have fucking.... I don't know how to say it is not very... linear they are all over the place it was that whole second season was just the farm and nothing else,it was boring at times. and lets not forget mazzara, that was the worse thing that happen to the show he was horrible show runner he fucked all of season 3 the last half was shit apart from the episodes that Gimple wrote. I think that's why they fired him complete shit. Gimple now has to clean up the shit that idiot lef tand that's why season four was kinda shitty too. they started fast and good and then they got to their mid season break and its low and boring( last half of season 4 was good but too slow, good episodes but again too slow do that shit in the beginning). other than that I don't care about your opinion, just wanted to say whats wrong the show, but I still dig it. but is far from great. down, whatever I don't give a fuck

          • Im a fan but im not blind to say you don't make some valid points. But they don't have fucking is one of your complaints? Its not a porno for crying out loud. Its not on hbo its on amc. Breaking bad had all of about 2 sex scenes, same as The Walking Dead so far. Honestly you'd have to be a complete moron with no self control to fuck in the apocalypse. That's what makes babies and babies don't last very long in The Walking Dead. Except for Judith with the help of Tyrese and his miraculous baby formula finding abilities.

            • what noo, I tried to say something I couldn't exactly know how to say it and I just happened to write "fuckin" before I put the periods, cuz I cuss a lot is a problem I have. so if you read right you can see I put they don't have very good linear story, which im still not sure if that was the correct term, and the rest of the shit I wrote I don't even remember. but I don't care if the put sex on the show, I personally think is quite nasty to have sex at that time if you haven't showered given if the apocalypse were real, but I don't care about any of that in the show. they want to show Lauren Cohen's body hey you wont see me complaining .

              • Heheh neither would I pal. I understand your problem with cussing. The more I try to quit, the more I end up cussing. My current phrase that rolls off the tongue when I spill or hurt myself is "son of a fuck." I still don't know where I picked that up from. I am pleased to hear that wasn't one of your complaints about the show XD

            • Well i guess i am a complete moron. What else is there to do in the ZA other than gather beans, snipe newbs with a Mosin, and spread the seeds for new life.

              Alt text

              • Yeah people should repopulate when they have an actual safe haven to work with. A doctor wouldn't hurt as well. But when you're with an unstable group like ricks people need to keep it in their pants. Im talking to you Glenn and Maggie. lol. They should just stick to Oral Lmao. (sorry) Seriously though, you cant have much sense if you think purposely bringing a baby into the world of The Walking Dead is a good idea. Its hard enough to watch your back from walkers and psychos with out WAAHH WAAHH GOO GOO GAH GAH drawing every evil to your location. If I was a bad guy, strategically I would take the baby and then you have that group in the palm of your hands.

                • LOL Sex doesn't mean pregnancy, ever hear of birth control? I hear it is quite popular these days.

                  • Hmmm I need to go on a supply run and can only carry so much on me at a time. Hmmm food or birth control pills that might already be expired (don't know how long those things last.) Also any form of birth control is not 100% effective.

                    Alt text

                    • Vasectomy or Tubal Ligation ever hear of it?

                      • Okay if you think the average person knows how to give themselves a vasectomy then I'll have to agree with you when you said "Well i guess i am a complete moron" I think the last thing you should do in a zombie apocalypse is mutilate your badlands.

                        • People get them all the time....

                          • Im trying to be mature, but you are some kind of stupid.

                            Of course its normal in todays society to get vasectomies, but take away society and its not like everybody knows off the top of their head how to perform a vasectomy. Even skilled doctors have a step by step instruction manual lying beside them when they are doing something like that.

                            • Trying to be mature. That amused me...

                              Do you think they just become null and void after a Zombie Apocalypse? Obviously you think they only last for three months, and then you have to get the procedure again right? You want to get sarcastic with me, i can play the tune right back child.

                              • some kind of stupid.

                                I find you ironic, i mean i don't know where you got the idea i was talking preforming surgeries in hotel alleyway.

                                • Obviously none of the characters have had vasectomies, and I doubt they would be able to once society crumbles. No shit they don't last for three months, where the hell did you get that from? Also im 21 so watch who the hell you call child. I know what the fuck a vasectomy is but you make it out to be some simple ass procedure. In the walking dead the whole world is essentially a "hotel alleyway".

                                  Anyways I cant tell if you are dumb or a troll so im going to quit replying to you cause I have a feeling this is just going to end with me telling you to go fuck yourself.

                                  • When you act like a child i will treat you as such. Most mature people don't have to "act" mature, that are mature, They just are mature. I love your explanation by the way,

                                    you are dumb or a troll so im going to quit replying to you cause I have a feeling this is just going to end with me telling you to go fuck yourself.

                                    So mature. He is 21 folks.

                                    • Your stupidity is taking away my maturity and just making me want to say vulgar comments.

                                      Well you asked for it. Go fuck yourself.

                                      • Your stupidity

                                        LOL THE IRONY HERE.

                                        Really sad i have to explain this to you.

                                        I said Vasectomy, my brother in law just got one last week. It is something the doctor can do in his office apparently, no surgery. These apparently last forever, unless you reverse it surgically. Then you went off on some random tangent for some reason, i don't know where you got the idea i was talking about people getting them after the ZA, i was talking about before the Apocalypse. Then you started to Red herring because you realized what you were saying didn't make sense.

                                        No where did i mention the group or about the television show., i mentioned myself, random people. I found the red herring amusing to be honest.

                                        Alt text

                                        Can you be mature or are you going to act like a twelve year old which is probably closer to your actual age based on your immaturity in your responses. Not that it matters, there are a lot of kids on these boards.

                                        • This is the very first thing you told me.

                                          Well i guess i am a complete moron. What else is there to do in the ZA other than gather beans, snipe newbs with a Mosin, and spread the seeds for new life.

                                          Also this thread is about The Walking Dead. Not the my brother in law had a vasectomy thread. Sorry to come across as rude, but jeez your attention span is short. We were clearly talking about the Walking dead and why having babies and sex don't make locical sense. So look where your picture is pointing and follow it and read it all again. Also no shit people can have vasectomies, my sister in law had her tubes tied after my brother decided he didn't feel comfortable getting a vasectomy.

                                          Can you please quit going out your way to be an idiot? Before you started to replying to me, I was reading your comments and you sounded like somebody I could get along with.

    • I couldn't agree more. I think season one of the show was really good, but season two fucked up when they just stayed at that boring ass farm and everything became a plot convenience.

    • How much longer did you want Shane to last? Honestly, the way S2 was going, his death was long overdued. If I were Rick, I would've killed him the first time he tried to kill me. Actually, I would've blown his fuckin' brains the minute I realized he was banging my wife while I was in gone.

      • Bad Writing? The whole making Shane the "bad" guy was stupid.

        • I never said "bad writing" (although I can't say I liked S2 that much). People have used that stupid little phrase so often in this forum that it lost it's meaning. And Shane was a bad guy in the comics, so it was sort of meant to be. He actually lasted a lot longer in the show. Also, whether his turn (an improvement for the show imo) was good or bad, Shane was doomed the moment he decided to turn evil.

          • So comics = TV show? If that is the case they should cut off ricks hand. The whole making Shane the bad guy in season two was weak writing. His character time was replaced with more Carol, more Glen, and more Maggie. This is what the male audience between 21-40 want to see. Well maybe Maggie.

            • There are several differences between the two, but the comics tend to be a guide to the TV show. With a few exceptions (the lab in S1, for instance), every mayor plot arc in the TV show is taken from the comics. Sure, a lot of things in it were changed but the big picture stayed pretty similar.

              I assume you liked Shane. I liked him too, but only as a character (he was not the nicest person, you know). The very reason why I liked him was because he added conflict (real conflict, not Lori beign a bitch conflict) to the show. If Shane had stayed the sumissive, frustrated and confused guy we see throught most of S1, he would've probably turned out a rather boring character. Instead, he made up his mind and realized, like the Shane from the comics, that he was better without Rick. This happened by the end of S1 (seen through his dialogue with Lori), and established him as next season's villain.

              His death is, in fact, also similar to the one in the comics. He dies trying to kill Rick. The way I see it, both TV and comics Shane were made solely to show that not everyone can take the ZA. The comics Shane was far weaker and rather pathetic, but the Tv show Shane let the world turn him into a monster. He didn't fight it, he embraced it, as if it were meant to be.

              • He didn't care about Lori at the end, he was pounding that blond chick. The whole thing where Shane would his best friend for Lori, i'm sorry i just this absolutely unbelievable. He was already on the prowl for something else. We need more interesting characters like Carol and more children characters.

                I want to see solid snake Carl defeat metal gear, i'm sure it is in the comics somewhere.

  • That would be awesome, I really hope it happens.

    Edit: I'm not a sociopath for wanting his hand to be cut off, I just think it would be cool to see a bit of events happening on-par in the show and in the comics. Jeez.

  • I bet it'd go down like this:

    Alt text

  • i'm not a reader of the comics, but didn't the governor cut off his hand? also kirkman said that he regretted cutting ricks hand off, so i doubt he's going to do it with the tv show. if they were going to do it they would have done it by now.

  • I think cutting of limbs off survivors has become too mainstream nowadays.

  • It'd be cool to see him actually handle it, since it won't be stale pictures but actual whole scenes of him only using one hand.

  • Robert Kirkman has already stated that Rick will not lose his hand in the TV show. He said he already regretted doing it in the comics, but of course he can't magically make Rick have two hands again without getting a ton of backlash. He confirmed that Rick will not lose his hand in the television show, as it would be too difficult to work with.

  • No,it's...Too far gone! baddom-kish

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