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Create your own awesomeness list for SBCG4AP 1 -5

posted by Strog Bad zawesomeness on - last edited - Viewed by 260 users

I don't know why but I always like to think of having my own ideas like we could make our own movie, play sports, or make new songs to get an awesomeness rank on SBCG4AP. It's like we have different missions like a list for each character and get an extra peice of clothing for each few missions and one ultimate peice of clothing at the end. Like mabye you can get Stinkoman's hair and boots for completeing Stinkoman's missions and Trogdor's arm for completeing his missions and at the end you would get ab - abber chest then you could party at T - C. Post your idea of a how much I rule Chart here and the ranks to come with it.

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