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Someone PLEASE help CSI 3 Demensions (PC)

posted by boricualuz76 on - last edited - Viewed by 130 users

I just received the game. I am having problems and do not know what to do. I finished the first case and waiting for Katherine to give evaluation but won't move on. she just stares at me. Is there a bug in the game. Someone Please help....... Driving me crazy:(

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  • Are you on XP?

    Try this incase its a sound bug.

    Goto START > Run > type dxdiag in the box and click ok

    When DXdiag has finished loading goto the sound tab and move the slider from Full Acceleration to the next one down to Standard Acceleration.

    Then try again.

    But without more information I cant help more than this.

  • Yes I am on XP. At the end of the case I am suppose tp get evaluated by Catherine she says before we go on to the next case lets see how you did. Then it just doesn't do anything. I can move back and fourth around the screen. I just can't get to the next level. she doesn't evaluate me.

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