• I wouldn't want the same thing that happened in TWD season finale happen in TWAU, they can't just repeat the same scene in another game.

    They could do it in a more subtle way, but i think it wouldn't work. I mean, who's ''Crooky'' to judge us? He's a goddamn killer. There's no way he could know most of these things anyway...

  • It could be something similar as what TWD did, but this time a play with more aspects into it.

    Depending on our actions throughout the game, the Crooked Man could either agree / disagree, approve / disapprove, commend / criticize our actions and motives. I believe that the confrontation will be a play on ideals in general, wherein Bigby and Snow showcases the old, broken system (which they are trying to desperately repair), The Crooked Man in contrast as an alternative has ideas of a new and improved system to Fabletown and will want to convince Bigby to see matters his way. Bigby will be given the chance to either live in this new world or die in the old one.

    Or at lest, that is what I wish to happen.

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    Nat001 BANNED

    he better not!! I will destroy this guy!!!

  • He won't be a very good judge. Bigby's no angel, but TCM is a monster.

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