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Twas the night before decemberween

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Twas the night before decemberween and all through the street
not a creature was loafing not even the Cheat
The brothers strongs house was all quiet and sane
and the house was filled with an aroma of candy cane
Strong Bad was nestled all snug on his couch
while he dreamt of taking a big bite of the candybar,Sblounched
and strong sad n his "death bed" and strong Mad in his room
had just settled down for another christmas of doom
when out of the backyard arose a loud POP
Strong Bad quickly leaped up and said "HOLY CRAUP!"
Away to the window Strong Bad flashed
But on his way there, in to homestar he crashed
Strong bad suddenly screamed,"How are you in my house!"
Homestar replies"I just asked the mouse"......
Well strongbad ran back too see what made a bang

...Yes thats it,I didn't finish it yet but I don't know what could go next so guys make some suggestions...

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