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101 Ways...

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Here's something fun my friends and I made up. I don't think it belongs in the game section, because it's just for people who know Sam and Max. If I'm wrong, please move this thread to the games section. Thanks!

It's called "101 Ways to Annoy Sam and Max". All you have to do is put something you think would annoy them, until we have 101 ways. You can put up to five if you want. Be sure to number them. I'll start.

1. Call their phone claiming you're the commissioner and you demand donuts NOW.

2. Refer to them as "Brandy and Mr. Whiskers". (XD)

3. Leave them a voicemail telling them that they've got a new voicemail.

4. Constantly say "Hi, I'm Hugh Bliss!" to them.

5. Stalk them. Nuff said.

(Edit: You can put more later if you think of some, but wait a few posts between your last post)

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