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Introducing more people to Bone

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The purpose of the trading card game was to encourage people to get their friends introduced to the Bone story and characters.

Did people use it this way? If not, how could it be modified to encourage players to sign up their friends too?

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    I see the trading card game as more of a gimmick for those people already interested in Bone (either the comic book or the game), but not without any knowledge the game whatsoever.

    I think if Telltale is aiming to bring in the "outside crowd" they need to create some excitement about the product, maybe each potential customer receives a unique password (a set of numbers, whatever) that will unlock one of the characters (make it sound like a secret). Make it a bit more personalized.

    I hate to even say it, but Big Brother (IMHO shallow garbage that edges on corny pornography) is popular, and it owns its popularity to the great big fuss the marketers make around it before its release.

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