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Ideas for Season 3, Brainstorming

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I think we should think up some ideas for s3.
I will let everyone post here for their s3 ideas.

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  • I think Superball will return.
    Sybil and Abe will start living in a house or have children. Some mutation perhaps.
    We will see the Beelzebub.
    Soda poppers will return.
    The C.O.P.S can finally pimp your car.
    Ill have more ideas soon.

  • I don't really think the Soda Poppers will be back. Ok, perhaps a one-time cameo as ghosts or something for the lulz, but I guess the lava bath was Telltale's way of saying "We get it, they're not exactly popular".

    More difficulty is always a good thing (as long as it doesn't enter the illogical puzzles territory), maybe letting the player choose between two different settings like in Monkey Island, though that'd be complicated to do in a monthly basis and would probably cause delays. The car key item that was mentioned in the other topic is also a nice idea.

  • Well, the Soda Poppers showed up in season two...

    I think that someone from the HR universe should pop up as a gag or something...kinda like how the Max T-Shirt was in SBCG4AP 2, I think.

  • check hrwiki for this, it is been done

  • The game is called sam and max, it should bew sam. s3 should have max playable with his own inventory, they need as button for switching the characters.

  • As in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, or Maniac Mansion 1-2?

  • How about a story where Sam and Max are surfing the highway but then they crash into a truck. There is nobody in the truck but on the side of a truck is a message hand-painted by the commisioner saying that there is bad trouble at the edge of the earth. It turns out that a army of 34 foot ant eaters are moonwalking too much and are falling of the edge of the world and causing the earth's gravitational pull to be knocked about and if they dont stop moonwalking to 80's music then the earth is doomed to fall into a wormhole or the toasty sun. Sam and max leap into action challenging them to a dance off trying to get them to dance forward instead of doing the moon-walk (which makes them dance backwards and not see where they are going and fall of the edge)

    Just a quick idea.

  • ummmm.... what?

    that is confusing to the point of upsetting.

  • They find out that that the art in the local museum is gone blank. Worse, the visitors are being sucked into the paintings, and Rainbow colored humanoid blobs are running amok

  • It would be very nice if the 3rd season starts in Hawaii with the two (or on the beaches of Brazil ... my dream, :cool: hehe) enjoying his deserved vacation after working for two long seasons, and then discontinued after the holidays more of a connection Commissioner .... back to work freelance police!

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