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so is everyone here zombie lovers?

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You know ... are you into all things zombie?

Im not and far from it, I actualy find the genre a bit meh tbh, beside TWD ive played TLOU and state of decay and thats about it, I DL'ec the free dead rising on xbox and played it for about 10 mins got bored and deleted it..

I enjoyed state of decay for a while because of the game mechanic but that soon got old, im ma massive story guy and pretty much no matter the subject if it is told well im there, TLOU and TWD definitely being in that category.

Im very late coming to TWD as I didnt think it was my kinda game, but I only knew it was zombie related and I never took any more notice than that, it wasnt untill a buddy nearly fell over when I told him ive never played TWD and said it would be "right up my street" so here I am lol..

So are all you guys zombie nutts?

  • I've always dreamed and fantasized about the zombie apocalypse. Way before i got into TWD.

  • Nope never liked zombie games always found them boring as no matter how many times you shot them they kept on coming making all effort meaningless and boring even the movies cheesy and clique. I would never of bought TWD but for set of circumstances highly reviewed, I love point and click games(quantic dream) and the Vita has absolutely no good games for you if your not a fan of anime best decision I ever made. TWD the reason I liked it so much I learned it wasn't about the zombies but the people and how you survive and prosper in such extreme circumstances plus saving a little girl I always loved that base in a game like TLOU. Love the idea and story not so much the zombies but there cool though :D

  • I only read TWD comics and play the game. But I'm zombie nuts! I love doing the stories about ZA, I also have a special plan for it (it's funny how I don't even have plan for my future life) and I love to do test that are telling me if I can survive in the apocalypse. Considering that I'm only twelve, I have pretty good chances. Ad somewhere deep inside, I want ZA to happen. Even though I know that it's stupid.

    It's kinda funny because when I was 5 years old, my biggest fear was the zombies.

  • Never been a serious fan of zombies, but TWD makes it more interesting. Both tv show and game and comic.

    • Never read the comics, I tried watching the show after the I played the game, but couldnt get past the people covered in makeup to look like zombies, turned me off tbh, it was like they got a bunch of zombie nutts and threw a load of lipstic around there eyes and mouth, they looked like they were living a dream tho lol..

  • i use to look forward to a zombie apocalypse, until i started the walking dead

  • Actually, I thought the whole zombie apocalypse theme was hella stupid before I played TWD. I stayed as far away from the TV show as I could as well, because dead people trying to eat you? How fucking boring.

    And then I decided to try out the game, since I'd heard a lot of good stuff about it...and I was hooked. After finishing the game (and a proper mourning time), I found myself really into the whole thing. That's when I started the TV show and got hooked on that as well.

    And now I would say that...yeah, I've become a fan of zombies. Or at least everything that surrounds it. You know, roughing it in the wild, trying to survive, keeping ourselves at the top of the food chain, rebuilding a destroyed society. It's all very intruiging to me now.

    I'm not like those people who fervently wish for a zombie apocalypse to happen, though, mostly because I'm realistic and know we'd be dead embarrassingly fast. I do understand the desire for something interesting, something life-changing to happen. I'd just prefer that to be aliens landing on earth or a ground-breaking scientific discovery, rather than monsters trying to eat me.

  • I guess I do enjoy the zombie genre, I've been a fan of the classic movies, I've tried a few zombie based games but for me it's more about the post-apocalyptic world they have to survive in.. If this game was made about survivors of a nuclear war with the same characters and writers I think it would be just as good.

  • Not really. I like TWD because the zombies are more just a setup to tell a good story rather than the main focus.

    All in all, I couldn't care less about the whole premise.

  • I never really liked zombie games. Movies were enough for me and that wasn't really great. The Walking Dead TV Show and the TWDG were both enough for me to get interested in the undead lore again.

  • It's Not about the zombies, It's the Story we love

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