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Support for 64 bit Windows Systems?

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I'm making the jump from a very old computer to a very new one and thought it good to go to a 64 bit system as that seems where computers are headed these days.

I did read some negative comments from other purchasers of 64 bit systems that some applications wont work correctly, especially some games (although yours were not mentioned specifically). Will my versions of the Sam & Max series 1 & 2 work on a 64 bit system? Will future releases?

Not sure if it's a silly question but will be grateful for any reply.

Many thanks, Pete

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  • We have seen more issues with 64 bit systems than with 32 bit but they should all play. The most common 64 bit issue is with the music in Season 2. The really big long musical pieces sometimes won't play. I think it has more to do with the way Windows 64 (both vista and xp) handle audio. We will theoretically fix it, possibly even in the nearish future, but right now it is still broken for some 64 bit users.

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    Played S&M S2E4 in Windows7 64 bit version...
    Sound is still an issue (crackling sounds, music takes a while to start), but the game is completely playable.
    Almost 95% of the sound issues appeared when switching rooms or scrolling the room.

    There is one other issue. If you have multi-monitor support, the mouse can leave the game screen (specially if you are trying to click something near the screen edge) and switch to Windows. That was more annoying than the sound problems.

  • yeah, I believe you have to play in windowed mode to change monitors.

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