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Will you possibly be providing an optional anti-aliasing graphics setting?
It doesn't have to be on by default but it'd be nice to see all the corners smooth like chocolate...

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  • @langley said: Our games have always supported anti-aliasing and some level of bump mapping. But yes, we've added more support for normal maps and some fancy new shader tech.

    from another thread hope it helps

  • Personally, I'm very much pro-aliasing. Jaggies put hair on your chest.

    In my day, a game wasn't a game unless everything was pointy enough to stab a bear made of steel. Not that we had steel, mind you. We had aluminum, and we liked it!

  • Fun fact: Sam & Max and SBCG4AP both had anti-aliasing in the 'high' graphics settings :)

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    David E Telltale Staff

    @The Burninator said: And anti-aliasing is......?

    Aliasing is used to describe the distortion and ugliness that occurs when a high-resolution image is displayed at a lower resolution. Anti-aliasing, then, encompasses the techniques and technologies used to reduce said ugliness and maintain the look of the original image. For instance, if you shrink an image in Photoshop, it'll still look pretty good because lots of math is going on in the background to make sure it maintains as much fidelity to the original image as possible (unless you're using a limited color index, as in the .gif format).

    In games, anti-aliasing is more related--I think!--to reducing the polygonal look of the 3d models, but I could be wrong.

    More answers within.

  • From the demo, at the '9' graphics setting, Wallace and Gromit definitely has AA enabled, and a high level of AA at that - at least 4x, possibly higher. Anisotropic filtering (AF) seems to be mild or non-existant though.... haven't yet checked what forcing AF in the video card driver does.

  • I love when you're guys games are all smooth looking. :D

  • Could somebody perhaps explain what is activated and turned off with the different graphics settings?

  • I would like to know when the settings really changes too (there's no "Apply button", and I can't see the difference when changing graphic level). Also, reloading the game did not have a lot of effect neither.

  • You should definitely see the difference while changing it. Try to get a clear shot of wallace before entering the menu. Basically what changes is the quality of the shading and textures (though that's not really so noticeable) Level 9 will have quite a bite of detail whereas the first three or so will seem flat in comparison.

    Also, perfomance seems to have improved from the demo. I'm not having any hitches in the highest level now, and from what I've tried there didn't seem to be flickering like in the demo.

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