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Hi guys!

As of now, I am trying very hard to let my dad let me buy Sam & Max Surfin' the Highway, the limited edition. I will pay for it with my own cash. oooh. cash..... :) But he doesn't want to let me buy it. He says it is "a waste of money." So yes, any help?

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  • If it's your own money, it seems like it should be your decision.

    When I was a kid I remember saving up for Sierra games. King's Quest 6 cost me $50... on sale. :o I paid for it with birthday money from my grandparents and allowance / babysitting money. The experience taught me the value of a dollar. :D

    Of course, there's really nothing *we* can say to convince your dad. He doesn't know us. ;) But I hope he changes his mind, since it's an awesome book!

  • Well, it's the same old story, isn't it? ;)
    In every generation there has been one thing or another which the kids really liked and their parents really didn't. So it's a safe bet that your father had this very same experience when he was young, and maybe you can remind him of his feelings when his parents wouldn't allow him to spend his time and/or money on it. Tell him that you respect his opinion and point of view, but that you expect him you respect yours as part of your individual character. Tell him that you are aware of the fact that comic books are not the kind of literature to improve your mind (don't argue with him about this, believe me, it won't work), but that it's a nice little thing to enjoy, and as everybody else, you too sometimes just want to enjoy something just for the heck of it. Say you understand that it's a lot of money and you could buy a lot of more senseful stuff for it, but this is just something you really want and are sure you will enjoy for more than just a few days.

    Maybe it works. All you can do is try, right? ;)

  • If he doesn't let you buy them black mail him with something which will get him in trouble with mumsy.

  • In a sense, everything that entertains is a waste of money. So, your dad should cancel the cable TV subscription (with special respect to any sports channels available), should stop visiting the local baseball / football / ice hockey / basketball / etc. matches (underline all that applies), should stop going to movies or the pub, and I could go on forever.
    Surfing the Highway is pure entertainment, at a very high level. In this sense, it's well worth what it costs.

  • Is it because the paperback version is cheaper, or does he just think both versions are a waste of money?

  • Yeah. He just doesn't want me to spend my hard-earned cash. Pantagruel's Friend, I just might explain that to my dad. Thanks!

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    Tell him its an investment and show him how much this thing goes on ebay after awhile.
    Of course, the longer you keep it, the more you can get .... and if he wants you to sell it (for a nice profit) stall him.
    After a few years either you will get out of your house or your dad will give up.

  • Ack D: Hopefully you can convince your dad so you can buy it.. it's an awesome book indeed! (well I have the paperback version :D )

    My parents used to do that before, but for now they actually just let me use my money however I want. It's a good way of teaching, actually.. Sometimes I've got to buy something that's a total waste of money, sometimes it's a treasure that has affected my life for years. :) I think both of these are important to experience once in a while. I myself got to be a lot more wiser with my money nowaydays... (it has taught me better than just someone telling me what to buy, really. )

    And well.. my parents know how much fandoms mean to me, so.. if there's something that's just possible for me to buy, there's not much they can do about it! XD

  • @Shwoo said: Is it because the paperback version is cheaper, or does he just think both versions are a waste of money?

    This is what I was wondering. If you can't convince him to let you buy the limited edition, will he allow you to purchase the paperback at the very least?

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