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I hope Sam N Max 2 have the crazy locations like in hit the road. Like remember that weird house with all the doors and mirrors, and like bumpusville and the dinosaur park. It was soo kool.

Please give us crazy weird wonderful locations, with a whacky fun interesting story.

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    I hope that the whole world will open up in this game.

    Like you start in the city then you travel everywhere even space! heck even other dimensions just like the comics, cartoons,
    And you can always travel back and do more. Just basically have fun with it, no linear nonsense.

    The nature of Sam and Max lends itself to free-roam style play.

    But if anyone can clear this up, that'd be appreciated.

    BTW, check out my post please "A Simple Question."

  • Don't worry... there are some pretty weird and wacky locations in store for you guys. :D

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