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Hard Evidence Freezing Problem

posted by Louise-x on - last edited - Viewed by 67 users

I ordered this game at the weekend and was pleased when it came through the post today. After around an hour of playing my game got stuck on the loading screen for a good ten minutes. I turned the wii off at the wall and turned it back on. I'm currently still waiting on the red light coming back on, there is absolutely no power there.

Had a similar problem while playing Paper Mario ages ago, but that happened to be a glitch in the game that could be easily avoided.

Myself and others have been playing various games on the wii yesterday and today, so there's no problems with the console itself but it seems that there is something wrong with the game.

Does anyone have any thoughts or advice for me? Any help would be very much appreciated.

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  • I'm sorry to hear about the problem. Your best bet is to contact Ubisoft for support - they're the publishers of this game and officially provide tech support for it. We can sometimes help with gameplay issues but I don't think this is something we'd be able to help you with.

    How old is your Wii?

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