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Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder

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The movie came out early at the place I have gotten it at, hence why a thread about this film being up days before the movie is realesed.

Without any spoilers, I thought it was an alright movie that isn't anythin too special. I think that Bender's big score is the best out of season 6. However, this film is better than Beast with a billion backs but probably worst than Bender's game. The Wild Green Yonder felt like a long episode as oppose to a movie making it descent.

I think the film ended the way it did is is a terrific way in endin the series or starting a new season.

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  • Man, I hated Benders game so much...

    Anyway, I would like to see this new one!

    And, season six? When was season 5?

  • I really liked Bender's game! I'm gonna pick this up on BluRay tomorrow.

  • I have to rank this one as the second best. My order, from best to worst, would be 2, 4, 3, 1. Into The Wild Green Yonder, as possibly the last Futurama, ended as well as I could have hoped. I'm entirely pleased with this one.

  • I'd have to say this is the second best as well.

    The best is, to me, Bender's Big Score. It was incredibly epic, touched on all the right emotional side-story tones to really get us to care about these characters again, and it was incredibly hilarious.

    This new film ended spectacularly. It was obviously a bit of a cop-out, sure. Something to give us a way to continue if they do(and interest from Comedy Central and Fox seem to say this is possible, but I don't know). It touched on a lot of old plot points, and really just tied so much together.

    Bender's Big Game was fun. It felt like a big, light episode of Futurama. It wasn't something "special", per se, but it was a lot of fun.

    Beast with a Billion Backs just....failed for me. On a lot of levels. I just didn't enjoy it.

  • @Rather Dashing said: Bender's Big Game was fun. It felt like a big, light episode of Futurama. It wasn't something "special", per se, but it was a lot of fun.

    That's interesting, because that's exactly how I feel about Beast With a Billion Backs. The story wasn't as tight, but I thought the jokes were punchier and it just seemed more carefree. Different strokes, I suppose!

    The end of Wild Green Yonder could be seen as a cop out, it's true, but I don't look at it that way. I can't imagine an "end" to the story of these characters, so closing the movie (and, possibly, the series) the way they did just felt right to me.

  • I'm not even a big Futurama fan, but I really enjoyed Into the Wild Green Yonder. It was surprisingly coherent for a Futurama film. I recommend it to fans and non-fans alike.

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