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Unlock the Game????

posted by Pushy3 on - last edited - Viewed by 142 users


I have buy Strong Bad Episode 4: Dangeresque 3. After install I play the game and I click on "No thanks, just take me to the demo" but now I do´t find the "Already Paid" boutten. Can you help me????


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  • I think that should come up again, if you quit and then restart the game (and the launcher).

  • After you bypass the login screen, you should see an ad or picture of Strong Bad on the left, and an area on the right with three buttons to play the demo, buy the game, or "Already Paid". The Already Paid button is under the other two.

    If you're not seeing it, there's a chance your computer isn't displaying the images properly. You can try clicking around on the right but if you don't know where it's supposed to be, that could be tough. :o

    Of course, you could just unlock the game on that initial screen, using the same login and password you use to log in to our website, and then it won't matter if that button shows up or not. :D

    Let us know if you're able to get the game unlocked or still having trouble...

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