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Leisure Suit Lary Box Office Bust now published by Codemasters

posted by doom saber on - last edited - Viewed by 131 users

Apparently, Acitvision Blizzard has given the publishing rights of Leisure Suit Larry B.O.B. to Codemasters.

Despite that the game will be sucktastic as the previous Leisure Suit Larry title (it is still a minigame filled lsl game, but with no nudity,) I am wondering if this also means that Codemasters owns the rights to Leisure Suit Larry. I mean, if Codemasters somehow gotten the rights to the game, they may be able to bring Larry back to his roots.

I don't understand the logic with some companies whereas if the "first" game tanks, they make the sequel the same way. l also find it hilarious that the ppl who developed B.O.B. uses nudity as an escape goat for how bad MCL is. Nudity hasn't been shown a lot in the later Al Lowe's LSL games, but blaming it for MCL being so bad is silly esp how every criticisms you read about the previous game was towards the gameplay.

On the other hand, if this April title doesn't do well, there would probably not be another lsl game.

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