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New Grossman Interview (4 episodes, control system revealed)

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Hey all, quite a long and interesting interview over at (thanks to Mixnmojo for pointing it out):

So, 4 episodes long (longer episodes than we're used to, so I'm alright with that), and the control system actually sounds good. I wonder what we're going to get on the PC though, I don't know how you could translate this method to keyboard/mouse. I like how the interviewer managed to sneak no less than 5 Monkey Island-related questions in there. Everyone wants a new Monkey Island, we get it. :P

Man, I'm really excited about this one.

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  • Four? They keep getting shorter! In a perfect world, Telltale's series would be longer and the epidodes would be longer.

    EDIT: After reading the part: Will it be released on XBLA and PC simultaneously? Thats TBD. We don't know yet.
    If this comes out on X-Box before PC theres going to be hell to pay. Seriously.

  • I think Telltale are gradually building up to a full size game.

    Sam & Max - 6 episodes
    That Strongbad thing - 5 episodes
    Wallace & Gromit - 4 episodes

  • " Do you know how many MS Points it's going to cost?

    DG: We don't know that yet either. I think it'll be in line with the other series that we've done. We haven't done games on XBLA before but on our website we sell episodes for $9. I think it's going to be in that same range."

    I'm perfectly fine with a shorter episode-count series if the Season Pass costs less as well. Considering the Per-Episode cost seems to be hovering around that spot, we should be fine.

    It seems like, now that Telltale has more properties, shorter seasons would get us back to the other franchises sooner. Even if the games are just as long in total, cutting one episode is like cutting one month(per franchise) until we see the other franchise again.

    I do like buying my Season Pass knowing that I'll get my fun stretched out over five months, but whatever. Four months ain't too bad either. :)

  • There might be some reasons behind the four episodes thing... maybe Aardman/MS wanted it that way or perharps Telltale is trying to see how people react to longer episodes with these series as it says in the interview (which would also explain why the usual one month gap between episodes is yet to be confirmed). Personally I wouldn't mind four instead of five if there's even more work put into each of them. That could mean longer/more complex and difficult puzzles, which would be great.

  • I think they may start making Full sized games, but they won't abaondan episodic gamers, right? Right?!?!?
    @Lucien21 said:
    That Strongbad thing - 5 episodes
    You have intentionally or unintentionally dissed one of my idols! You shall pay, unworthy non-Senior Member!

    EDIT: Just read the review. 6 friggin hours per episode! That's pretty long! Just hope the price won't go up. The control system sounds fine, but not as good as a traditional point-n-click. And c'mon! Please give us a hint at the series you are interested in, Telltale (please be Arrested Development or Futurama [I know I'm aiming to high])!

  • Four episodes, interesting. Only time will tell how long these episodes truely are.

  • So, yeah, for those at Wondercon:


    When are we going to be able to sneak a peek, I wonder?

  • Hm, I'm actually kind of surprised about the number of episodes. I'm actually pretty impressed about how the game will work without a Wiimote or mouse. Curious to see as how this will turn out.

  • @Lucien21 said: I think Telltale are gradually building up to a full size game.

    Sam & Max - 6 episodes
    That Strongbad thing - 5 episodes
    Wallace & Gromit - 4 episodes

    Sam & Max Season 1 has 6 Episodes, 5 for Season 2. The less Episodes means the longer the Episodes. Telltale said that back when Season 2 of Sam & Max was going, I don't remember what thread they said it in, or they said it in a blog post/comment, don't remember.

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