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Running from locusts minimizes game

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I finally found a game I really want to play! :) This is the exact type of game I have been looking for (as far as I can tell so far). However, when playing on my laptop (I have chosen laptop mode in the options and I am using a USB wireless mouse) when I am running from the locusts, my screen (windowed or full screen) will continually minimize and I will eventually get caught by the locusts. Any suggestions - I am ready to buy the game if I can get it to work on my system? Thank you!

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  • Hi Meg,

    Glad you're enjoying the game! Usually playing in windowed mode helps with this, but if not, after one try with the locusts, you should get the option to skip the chase scene. If you're not getting that option, it could be because you're using an older version of the game. The version available on our website right now has the ability to skip the locust chase after one try, if you want to download that version.


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