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Season Finale - Let's Take It Seriously

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Seriously and realistically, to be exact.

First, I'm gonna summarize everything we know. Get ready.

Let's find our bearings.

Group is heading straight to Wellington, reffering to what Kenny said at the observation desk.

Alt text

He agreed that town across the river will be good to check out.

Alt text

So we are going there:

Alt text

Let us not to be groundless. Look at the map:

Alt text

I did crappy graphical representation as well.

Alt text

Alt text

Not sure about the distance between observation desk and the church itself, but it can't be less than 1 mile. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Grand River. There is real river called "Grand" somewhere near Michighan.

Place with church goes with name Down Town.

Alt text

Then, we got a timeskip. They obviously couldn't swim across the river. Jane said:

Alt text

The nearest river crossing is miles up.

Let's stop for a second here. That simply means one of those: the group didn't cross the river yet or they did some time ago, but had really hard and fatiguing hike. Regardless, they traveled long, we can judge it by amount of snow. Not a blizzard, but it's snowing.

Alt text



Alt textAlt text

Before nightfall? How the hell do you know that, Ken?

Baby formula.

Alt text

Am I missing something? How did they get a baby formula? Back at Carver's camp? And they have all that stuff to feed a baby with? (yes, I mean a bottle, unless newborn motherless babies don't need to eat) I've never seen any of those. I don't think the baby is gonna make it.

Kenny's eye.

Alt text

doctor's voice

Infection, most likely.

I wonder how long does it take for a wound to show signs of infection. It simply gets worse until you clean it up. Don't think Kenny's going to do that.

Alt text

He coulda just said "It didn't kill me."

Possible foreshadowing?


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