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Question about possible future free shipping

posted by glorifindel on - last edited - Viewed by 109 users

Hi, I've bought a Sam & Max bundle gift in the time period you were offering free shipping last year (for Thanksgiving):
We're also offering free USPS shipping for people who're buying a downloadable game along with physical merchandise! This offer's only good through Wednesday 12/3 though, so don't wait too long.
and it was a real deal in my opinion.
Now I'm very tempted to buy Wallace & Gromit (entire season) and my question is: assuming that you will offer similar bonus this year, will this game be send for free even if I buy it today? (obviously if the dvd will have been printed and if I buy physical merchandise along with)

(I hope my english is understandable...)

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  • The DVD won't be available until sometime after the season ends, and at that point point you will need to place a new order to pay for shipping (the disc itself will be free). If you place that order for the DVD during a free shipping special, then yes, shipping would be free. :)

    When you buy one of our series while it's in progress (before the DVD is available), ordering the DVD itself is always a separate transaction in the store.

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