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your own ideas for new strong bad episodes on season 2

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Have any ideas you thought of that would be great for sbcg4ap season 2? My idea is the episode is called Rise of the Bad, when all the forms of strong Bad(strong badman, 1936 sb, stinknoman(He's back for revenge!!), strong bad head that says ,"your head is a slope", etc) come out a time/ space portal, and strong bad has to get rid of them. What's your idea??

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  • Anything that involves a giant King Of Town rampaging and devouring the Town of FCUSA, and Strong Bad having to stop him from inside works for me.

    *goes off and makes concept art*

  • Good idea, but bubszilla(the giant bubs) should instead of KOT.

  • Naw, it has to be the KOT. Bubs wouldn't go around eating everyone...

    However, Homestar might...

    *goes and edits concept art*

  • Strong Bad gets sucked into the messy pile on his bed and you have to get him out. SB can go arond tring to find new paths by finding items to open a path and evertime he gets to a new area of the pile it is added to his map. You can switch between SB and people that our trying to save him such as SM, TC, HS, Bubs etc. while other people try to keep you from doing it so you have to engage battle with the right character to get them out of the way. This will open new paths which might inclde clues or items. You can give clues to SB and swich off items. When SB gets out he sees that the ememies have each taken a part for them selves in his computer room so he needs to travel back into the pile to find items and get them out. You can also go in as the team at this time and use their skills to get new items which is the final puzzle. Along the way SB picks up a DS type version of the Fun Machine and his team can use the regular Fun machine. The DS type fun machine holds m game driving 101 which can be found here. The regular fun machine game is called Strong Bad adventured where you have to get SB out of situations such as being in a shark pond or being in space. Thet is all I have.

  • Here's an idea inspired by this idea (the about page says that his ideas may be used freely): an episode involving the Old-Timey period, with the player playing Strong Bad in the present day, solving a decades-old mystery featuring playable flashbacks to the 1930's, in which the player controls Strong Bad's relative Sir Strong Bad. These flashbacks take place in Strong Bad's mind as he learns about the past and tried to figure out exactly what happened back then, and as a result, they will contain nebulous blobs that will turn into various things when Strong Bad learns about what they were. For example, if Sir Strong Bad tries to interact with an as-yet-unknown element, this would happen:

    SIR STRONG BAD: Why, it appears to be some kind of... thing! Or perhaps an object! I daresay it likely serves some kind of purpose!
    STRONG BAD (echoey voice-over): Hmm, I seem to have a gap in my otherwise awesomely impressive knowledge of past events. I'd better do some more research if I wanna figure out what part it played in this mysterious mystery.

    The Old Pietimer Place (a creepy abandoned mansion that was creepy and abandoned even in the 1930's) would, of course, have to be a location.

  • repeat thread is a repeat thread

  • I reckon less far fetched ideas, it was a pretty moderated season (with the exception of 8 bit). For example, how about strong bad sparks sibling rivalry with strong mad asnd sad? I dunno, whatever works

  • I'd be more up to playing as Homestar the next time around. The way Homestar is almost automatically lends itself to some "unique" puzzles.

  • Maybe some puzzles where you shift focus and go into Homestar's prospective of what's going on.

    Maybe an episode that basically shows an episode from S1 from Homestar's POV.

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