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Music volume

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Did anyone else find that the volume of the music was slightly louder than the volume of the dialogue in places? As excellent as the music is, It would be nice to hear the voice acting as well!

PS: Both the voice acting and the music are excellent as always.

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  • I find it a major issue, almost making the game unplayable: I can't hear anything that's being said!
    I admit I was about to buy it at once yesterday, when I received Telltale's e-mail, but then gave the demo a try and this turned out to be a deciding factor.
    The game is wonderful, the animation fabulous, and overall it looks very, very promising; but please, someone at Telltale tell me that the actual game has separate controls for voice and music. Pretty please.

  • At the moment it looks like Episode 1 does not, but Jake and others have said that they're tuning the mixing for the full game now.

  • This has been discussed in other threads (read the forum before making one more topic) :

  • The volume is way too load! I wonder if they even tested it before putting it out. The music should never over power the voice actting.

  • Sadly that is a problem on alot of games coming out, sometimes i wonder what system? if any companies test on, because its just someone that you cant miss.

    Might just be that they arent awhere its harder for none native english speak to understand when its all in a big mix hehe.

    and yeah the music is way to loud, i had problems hearing alot of what they said in the game.

    Im sure they will fix it, afterall it cant be that hard to turn music down a bit.

  • @Mwyann said: This has been discussed in other threads (read the forum before making one more topic) :

    Sorry, I haven't been lurking since Sam & Max Season 1. I'll do my best to lurk more in future.

  • I kind of hate to bring this up again, but I was really disappointed to see that the second episode didn't include seperate volume controls for sound/voice and music. Once again I found that the music was just a bit too loud in a few places and drowned up the speech which was a little annoying. Any chance of actually getting the ability to turn down the music a little? Or at least give us a setting in a config file we can manually tweak? Hopefully this doesn't carry over to the next season of Sam & Max.

  • Music is too loud. I've seen separate sound levels for music and sound effects/voices in most point & click games I played. Why not in Telltale games ?

  • Well, renaming 3_wallacegromit101_pc_ms.ttarch to 3_wallacegromit101_pc_ms.ttarch.saveme did the trick for me : no music playing at all. It's sad, but now I can hear voices...

  • I thought it was OK. I could hear all the voices clearly. Maybe it's your speakers/sound settings? I've got a SoundBlaster X-fi and I've tweaked the surround sound, equalizer and other settings.

    And there are separate speech, effects and music volumes in Telltale games - in the options menu. I was playing Sam & Max yesterday and saw these. I think they are also in Tales of Monkey Island. I haven't used any of those settings though, because like I said, it's fine for me.

    I'm sure there are sound settings in Wallace and Gromit as well. Have you checked through the whole settings menus?

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