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This short???

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Im just wondering, is the Out of Boneville game supposed to be this short??? I completed it in a matter of a few hours!

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  • If you would have taken the time to read the other posts on the game you'd see that most people felt the game was too short. I'm pretty sure that telltale has gotten the message by now about the length of the game. By the sounds of it the next episode will be out spring 2006 so they have plenty of time to make something longer.

  • Uh, Bone 1 had a 7 month schedule, so this game will have a similar one . Less really, but you have to figure re-using models and stuff will save some time. I'd say they definitely got the message about the length complaints, though, and episode two will be longer. It will still be a short game, of course. I mean, you can only do so much in 5-6 months. But getting frequent episodes is, after all, the beauty of the company's business model.

  • yeah now that all the groundwork is there. it shouldn't be too hard to spit out more content. It is keeping it quality content that takes time.

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    Is the key from the first episode valid for all of them or will they be sold separately? I don't mind if each episode is short if I only have to pay once to play them all.

  • They'll be sold separately.

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    Playing the demo download I thought this was a very well done game. After a few starts, I got up to the point where Phone meets Thorn at the river. Paid my $20 and continued to play. Well, I got another hour and fifteen minutes before the credits rolled. (and that included one game crash). To be honest, I felt ripped off.

    If I go to the store and buy a new game with cd, box and manual for $60, I can get many hours of game play. I can then sell it on Ebay for possibly $40.

    Is there even any way to put this game on a cd?

    I think TellTale should give us a credit on the next episode!!

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    Looking through the Bone comic anthology, if you divide up the chapters about equal to the first chapter of the game, there is six total. If Telltale charges $20 for each chapter, thats a $120 video game all together, even though it'll probably end up about as long lasting as any other regular $40-$50 adventure game. Is the $20 chapter trend going to continue? I think I'll wait around for the whole game to be complete, and hope for a hard copy CD with a price reduction.


  • Except it's not one video game.

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    Well, it kind of is one game, since the second chapter isn't a seperate game, its a chapter. I really enjoyed the first chapter, but I would just like to know if there are any plans to someday compile it all into one CD or one download, and sell it for less than $120. Because that seems a little ridiculous.

  • Nonsense. In a couple years, ALL games are going to cost $120.

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