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Wallace & Gromit demo won't load - crashes

posted by khalleron on - last edited - Viewed by 408 users

I've reinstalled the demo twice - had it check to make sure the DirectX is up to date, but when I click on Launch Game, all that happens is that I get a white box for about 2 seconds, then the message "WallaceandGromitDemo.exe has ceased working."

I have Windows Vista Home Edition on my laptop. It's not the greatest machine in the world, but I played all the Sam and Max episodes on it with no problems at all.

Do you need more info? I hate to inundate you if you don't.

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  • Hey Khal, do you know what graphics card you have?

  • I have the Mobile Intel 4 series express chipset family.

    Yeah, it's integrated graphics. Sorry.

    But as I said, S&M runs super.


  • Hey Kate, I've attached a zip file to this post. Unzip it to \My Documents\Telltale Games\Demo. The prefs.prop in the zip file should replace the one you have. Then try booting up the game.

    I'm thinking that might let the game run for you (it worked for one or two press people with the same problem). If it does work, you may be able to slowly crank up your graphics settings to figure out what the threshold is. I'm guessing you won't be able to go above graphics setting 3, but you shouldn't be limited on your resolution (besides it running really slowly).

  • I'm having the same problem and I tried to open this file, a error pops up and says the file is invalid.

  • You tried to open the zip file and it wouldn't let you?

  • I can't download it either. With Windows I get the message "IE cannot download attachment.php from . .The requested site is either unavailable or cannot be found."

    With Download Express, I just get a file called "attachment.php" which I can't open, not a zip file.


    Anyone there? I still can't download the file.

  • I still can't download the zip file that's supposed to fix my demo crashing problem - see earlier in this thread (or if the thread branches off, see the thread about that).

    I posted to that thread that I couldn't download it, and what happened when I tried, but there's been no response. Is anyone there? The game launches tomorrow and I would really like to be able to play it.

  • Sorry for the delay. I just emailed you the file, hopefully it won't get eaten by a spam filter.

  • My game starts to load and then gets to this point...see photo. Then, NOTHING. Nothing happens and it goes no further. Any suggestions? I have a VERY disappointed daughter who spent all of her allowance at Best Buy to get this game. They won't take it back.

    I have an "ATI RADON XPRESS 200 Series" Video Card I'm told.


    H E L L O S C O T T @ A O L . C O M

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