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Fuck Jane!

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( This is a hate thread of Jane so post any hate memes about her :P)

Anyway, but can you believe this bitch?! She steals the baby, puts him in a fucking car out in the cold where there could be walkers, She deliberately starts a fight with Kenny which she also deliberately wanted Clementine to kill him not to mention in that fight... She fucked his eye up more. Who is this bitch? Hell I bet Negan would piss himself over this c**t she is fucking scary and even though Kenny was kinda nuts he had good experience with babies! In the end I let Kenny kill her and I'm with Kenny still because I left Wellington but I saw the stats and it said 48.5% of people killed Kenny. Jesus people. I wonder how Luke fell for her, BTW R.I.P Luke but she was cold as an ICE CUBE, A VANILLA ICE CUBE. (rimshot) Oh did I even mention how she wanted to leave Sarah? Yeah that's really nice considering you wanted to survive so you were going to leave a 14 year old girl who's just lost her father to DIE?! FUCK YOU, FUCK,YOU,FUCK YOU, FUCK YOU! Hell, she left her sister to die... Well to be fair she couldn't do anything about that since her sister became suicidal over getting pushed too hard, oh wait I forgot to mention that too... She pushed her sister too hard to keep moving! Did they even have a secure place? But I hate her soooo much after this episode that... Sigh I like Nate better there I said it! Shit, I LIKE BLOODY MARY MORE! I think she is some role model for Clementine, Leaving friends behind, Having sex with Luke, Putting the baby in danger and deliberately starting fights... Yeah, I want My Clementine to be around her (Sarcasm) What? No fuck that! If anybody killed Kenny over this psycho in real life my reaction would be "Jesus are you fuckin' kidding me?!) Oh I forgot to mention, SHE INSULTS KENNY'S dead family and his eye. How would you like it if some chick decided to go off on you about your messed up eye and family? In the end she deserved to die... Hell now that I see this. I'd rather have a Kenny/Luke choice. If I were to give her character a rating it would be... Er? Russell? Russel: FIVE FUCKING FIVE! By the way, R.I.H Jane ( Rest in Hell.)

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