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W&G full game won't start

posted by Gaspode on - last edited - Viewed by 699 users


Just bought the new W&G game, installed fine, but when I try to launch it, a task calles "Wallace&Gromit101.exe" takes 50% cpu (maxes out one core) for about 2 or 3 minutes then silently dies.

Nothing appears on screen, nor the event logs.

System stuff:

Core2 3.16Ghz
4 Gb Ram
ATI HD4870 1GB
Vista 64 Ulitimate

Any ideas?


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  • I get the exact same problem. Hoping it has nothing to do with it being Vista 64...all other Telltale games are fine.

    Hoping this gets fixed soon.

  • I am also having that problem. Hope it gets fixed soon. I want to play :(

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    Kevin Telltale Staff

    Sorry, but Vista64 isn't supported. The Core2 is a 32 bit processor, so running Vista64 has few advantages for you. As it has very poor driver support, I'd consider running the 32 bit version of Vista.

  • Why?
    Your previous games do work under x64. Is this related to the DRM?

    And the Core2 is a 64-bit processor:

    You need 64-bit to take advantage of more RAM than 4GB.

    //Edit: okay, I see --now-- that you list it x64 as not supported :(
    Was this up on the site before? Any chance of a refund?
    I preordered the full season since I was not expecting a major setback like this.

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    Kevin Telltale Staff

    Sorry about that, the Core2 is indeed a 64 bit processor, and you would need 64 bits to access memory above 4GB. Most Core2's are running in 32 bit mode with a 32 bit OS. I'd still recommend a 32 bit OS for general purpose until support for the 64 bit OS's is more robust.

    The incompatibility has nothing to do with DRM, but with the new renderer that was written for W&G. We'll refund you if you're unable to play the game on your OS. Just email support and they'll take care of you.

  • Well that sucks. I can still play on my desktop which is 32 bit...but I like the convenience of my laptop. :(

  • Thanks for the reply :(
    Very sad news. I won't be able to play W&G then unless I find a new (old) PC to install XP on.

    You should inform Steam of the incompatibility as well, it is still listed as 'Vista' supported (no disclaimer on x64) over there.

    I don't understand why the demo (through Steam) did work by the way, unless it uses a different renderer.

    //Edit: the demo from Telltale itself also works on x64.

  • I can't even get it to work on XP :(

    The launcher window opens up, but I get an 'Internal Error' message come up.

    I didn't have any issues running the demo.

    EDIT: I got around the problem; it didn't help that I (personally) can't see the PNG that directs me to give me other options to unlock, which seems to have worked anyway, regardless of the error message... I'd love to know what's causing that Internal Error though.

  • The two versions are identical so if ours doesn't work the steam one shouldn't as the executables are the same it is just the way the security works. Our wrapper verses the steam client's. While x64 may not be officially supported that doesn't necessarily mean it won't work it just means we have not tested it and can't say one way or the other. The problem might solely lie with your computer and the fact that other steam users got it to work is no guarantee.

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