• I was actually thinking about this, and I'm glad that atleast someone else is with me. Given the grim outcomes, I feel like this would have been the best ending for Clem's story.

  • I shot Kenny and went with Jane as well. I thought they were just gonna go there for food, not stay, but apparently they stayed. Did you choose to let the family in?

  • I didn't shoot Kenny. Jane provoked the fight and I let Kenny end it himself. Not disapointed in my ending :)

    I thought it was a bit odd that Clem couldn't go to Wellington on her own too.

  • AAAAAHHHH! Moral dilemma! I liked Kenny's death scene more than Jane's, but I like Kenny's ending scene more than Jane's! What do I do?

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      At least Kenny's death has closure, and he is at peace now, but Jane just flat out dies without a word. I liked Kenny's death scene too, but we couldn't shoot him, so I guess he'll come back as a walker. Sad

  • I am surprised that minority of players chose to go with Kenny over Jane. It is obvious that kenny went insane and as Clementine, said "You gave me no choice". In his final minute Kenny admitted that Clem did the right thing.

    Concerning the place, Jane and clem chose: I think is the most reasonable decsion they decided to go there. Supplies are guaranteed and it is a tested place unlike wellington, which is just a tale, a myth for them.

  • I think Kenny ran his course in the game. His death was very fitting for him. However, I think choosing either Kenny or Jane was not as emotional as it would have been if it was Kenny and Luke.

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      It's actually for that reason that I saved Kenny on my first playthrough. I didn't have much of a connection with Jane to justify shooting Kenny. Now if it was Luke, it would have been a different story.

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