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Stuck with Kenny.

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I refused to side against Kenny. Kenny, even though he had some very serious issues, which were completely understandable given all the trauma he had suffered, I knew I could always count on him. And after the fight with Jane, and finding that she was lying her ass off, I was so glad that I let Kenny finish her.

For what she tried to do, I saw Jane as nothing but manipulative, disrespectful, and antagonistic. In the the truck, the way she insulted Kenny's family, and questioning Kenny as a husband and father, things she knew nothing about, showed me what she really was. Kenny was right about Jane.

And when Kenny and Clementine finally made it to Wellington, I refused to abandon him when the woman said the place was full. The way I figured it: "Either we enter Wellington together, or not at all." So I stuck with Kenny, no matter what.

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