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  • 7????? That's bullcrap, this game deserves at LEAST a 7.1! This reviewer obviously wanted to hate the game before he even reviewed it.


  • I have the problem, of some things not highlighting when I mouse the cursor over them too, hmm. I also broke the game at once point, while crump was talking (after he escaped into Wallace's basement) I clicked on his briefcase, and then... nothing. He stopped talking, then there was no cutscene, the mouse cursor vanished, I couldn't move, but the game was still animating. So I had to al-ctr-del it. Good thing I recently saved.

  • Ye, the demo made me feel the reviews were gonna be sub-par, most because I can't figure the graphics settings.... and my border is huuuuuuuuuuuUUUUuuuuuuge. But I enjoyed it.

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