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If you haven't bought it yet... why not?

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A lot of the people who visit this forum have probably already bought The Great Cow Race. (If you did, thanks! :)) Now, I'm curious to hear from those who haven't bought it yet. Why not? Do you have plans to buy it sometime in the future but haven't gotten around to it yet? Is there something holding you back?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question... we just want to understand who our customers are and what's on your minds. So it'll be interesting (and useful!) to hear what people have to say about this.

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    The reason I haven't bought it yet is a $170 copy of Loom, two Amiga USB joysticks, two expensive doctors bills and some old Gameboy Final Fantasy games :)

    I will get around to buying it soon enough though :)

  • I bought the game, I just haven't played it yet. Is that wrong? There's a severe lack of funny adventure games and I feel like I should save it in case of an emergency and I need to be cheered up. I don't want to wait too long, though. Maybe after I finish The Longest Journey. Or Indigo Prophecy.

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    This is probably an empty complaint, but I am a huge fan of Jeff Smith's BONE books, I work at a comic book shop and we still have a few issues from when it was a black and white issue based comic. Anyways, I haven't bought the game because, well I have three letters to describe my issue.....OS X. I am a Mac user and while many publishers are finally marketing to us, I can understand why its not that cost effective. But that's my reason. If it were Mac compatible I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

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    Do you take paypal?

    I don't have a credit card

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    I want to buy both bone games but I haven't got the money to spare right now. I'm getting married in less then a month and it's been tight. I want to buy the packaged versions together since I'm a sucker for any packaged goods.

    I've read Bone since I was around 14 years old in the late 90's and first played Sam and Max even earlier then that so having one company making games for 2 of my most beloved "franchises" (I guess you could call them) is pretty awesome.

    My fiance wants to play the bone games too. I made her play Curse of Monkey Island and she loved it and since then she's played MI1, MI2, Day of the Tentacle and tried Hit the Road but sadly she couldn't get into it..... it broke my heart. :(

  • [quote]Do you take paypal?

    I don't have a credit card[/quote]

    Sure do. :)

    xChri5x, sounds like the Bone games would make a good wedding present! You should add them to your registry. :))

    Also, CitizenMarvel, you're not the only person who'd like a Mac port. A lot of Telltale employees are Mac users.

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    I've tried both demo's and they've run a little slow too. I need more RAM.

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    [quote]Is there something holding you back?[/quote]

    Yes, indeed. I don't want to see other AG companies going the way of TellTale with episodic approaches. This is the business model of the TV industry - break a story into a million episodes, make it popcorn-addictive, squeeze every penny out of the viewers [who pay delivery fees (i.e. monthly cable fees) and also pay for each episode by sitting through a ton of commercials]. I'd much rather pay $xx to buy a 2h movie on DVD and own it with (arguably) no string attached. Life is too short for sitting though endless sitcoms and such.

    Second, I refuse to accept DRM as implemented by Steam and TellTale. It simply kills the whole experience (call it illusion, if you will) of owning a game product. By having a product which enforces activation, one becomes dependent on the publisher who may at his discretion pull the plug on your game at any point in the future. I don't want to be contemplating scenarios about my internet connection going down at the worst moment or TellTale going out of business and taking their DRM servers with them. Not that I can't take care of any DRM protection by finding an appropriate crack, but it's a hoop I don't have time to deal with. While I understand the need of encapsulating the games with DRM protection for online delivery, I don't see why activation would be required for CD/DVD distributions which already have copy protection in place (StarForce, etc).

    Also, such activation schemes are a way of empowering the publisher to play price-fixing games. This is, because the consumers are not free to trade their copies of the games and sell them on E-bay. This goes against the principles of free market economy. Pirate-warding is a pointless argument - these folks can go around any protection and have ways of distributing their hacks around. It's the regular AG fan, who is happy to pay for his games, who gets punished here.

    So, while I've bought and own almost every AG there is (DOTT, S&M, FT, GF, TLJ, Syberia 12, IP, BS 123, GK 123, MI 1234, MoS, TT, you name it...), I haven't purchased Bone 12 because I find TellTale's business model unhealthy for the AG community. You guys openly admit that you are trying hard to turn your products into a franchise much like a TV series. I don't agree that this is how Adventure Games should be. A good adventure game should be like a first class movie rather than a lengthy TV Series spanning multiple seasons. My thoughts are with the AVS folks, who are all about releasing a full-featured game the traditional way (albeit it may take some time and incur financial risk).

    So, TellTale - want to get me and my $$ on your side? Well, here is the magic formula:

    Package the Bone series on a DVD, apply any copy-protection you like (but not online activation), and put it out there priced competitively against other adventure games. Then I won't feel like I am getting something incomplete and leased out, but something I will actually own. Call me traditional, but it's the only way I'd invest in a game (even if it is S&M). :-)

    All this criticism aside, I applaud you for getting rid of the middle man in the game distribution chain. Self-publishing game products is the way to go. I'd rather buy directly from the game studio than You seem like a talented team which holds a lot of promise once you find the right business model.

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    I didn't buy it 'cause I got a free copy for working at Telltale. So, Telltale - want to get me and my $$ on your side? Well, here is the magic formula: Stop hiring me.

  • [quote]I didn't buy it 'cause I got a free copy for working at Telltale. So, Telltale - want to get me and my $$ on your side? Well, here is the magic formula: Stop hiring me.[/quote]

    Jeez. Next thing you know, you'll be demanding free copies of Sam & Max... ;)

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