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GiantBomb have just put up a new video where they interview Kevin and Andy about Telltale in general, and then more specifically Wallace & Gromit. It is interesting listening to Kevin say how they want to expand into their own genre - "telltale" - and it sounded to me as if he was suggesting that they were ditching point and click altogether, which concerns me slightly.

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  • Thanks for the link! Hadn't seen this yet.

  • I've always thought that W&G interface was taking the place of point 'n' click, despite the team not being too explicit about the subject.

    The whole point is that the experimentation with new interfaces should go hand in hand with an experimentation in game design. I liked the first installment of W&G, but it's even less experimental than SGCGFAP. The puzzle design is incredibly akin to the Sam & Max one, which worked great through point 'n' click. I think we're at a crossroad right now.
    If they want to keep going on the direct-control path, they need to rethink the game-design to better suit that, otherwise the new interface will always feel unnecessary.

    Kevin talks about rpg and/or rts influences. If this means we could skip the nth reiteration of the three-quests puzzle structure, I'm all with it.
    On the contrary, if Telltale thinks the old structures are still effective, let's get back to point 'n' click, because there's really no other way to play through a classic adventure game in a more comfortable manner... at least on the PC.

    If there's one thing W&G ep. 1 suffers from, that's its being a hybrid step towards that "other" type of game Kevin is hinting at.

    P.S.: By the way, W&G feels very cinematic, but I felt Sam & Max Seasons were pretty cinematic as well.

  • Nice interview. but i dont hope Telltale starts making other wierd games, look where that brought Lucas Arts the king of adventure games, is now the dirt of the garbage bin.

    Telltale should stick to improving point'n'click genre, its only recently starting to be revived, the the fascion we like and know :)

  • The main interesting point I took from that interview was that Telltale were more focused on Episodic games than Adventure games. (In fact that generated quite a long discussion in our house-hold.)

    It is interesting because it's true, and it really shows in the games Telltale make.

    You're never going to get Telltale making a game as clever as Day of the Tentacle or the like; the puzzles they come up with just aren't anywhere near that level.
    But Telltale's games are still good, they're just good in different ways - for example, seeing how the the story-lines and the cast members evolve each month.

    Penny Arcade have showed that an Episodic RPG can work, so I'm sure that Telltale could pull one off too. Besides, if a full-length RPG involves traveling from town to town, it's plot in most RPGs are divided into different areas anyway so an RPG would be suitable.
    Although on a personal note, if you guys do try an RPG, please make it an Eastern-style one because I hate WRPGs :(

  • [quote]I'd hate to see more classic adventure bits disappear from their games. [/quote]

    I wouldn't worry about that. We're committed to making games that tell good stories. We're just not going to limit ourselves by saying that the only way to tell a good story in a game is by making the SCUMM style games of the 1990s. It's not the same as what LucasArts did when they stopped making story games altogether to focus on other genres.

    You guys have already seen the type of innovation he's talking about in the games we've made, but if we've done our jobs right, you didn't sit back at the end and go, "Whoa, they totally deviated from the adventure game formula there!" You just said, "Whoa, that was a great story!" :D

  • Hated the contents of this interview. Judging from that interview, Telltale will become a company I like less and less. All this experimenting with various genres and all that - I really didn't like hearing that. I love Telltale because they're making games in my favourite genre of all time, I don't want 'hybrids' and all that.

    Another thing that really worries me about this interview is that it indicates I might have been right about my initial worry when hearing about the keyboard controls in Wallace & Gromit - these controls may very well be used in future games.
    He keeps talking about breaking away from "SCUMM style games" and referring to this direct control thing as "our own voice".

    I'm left *very* skeptical and worrying more than ever about any future Sam & Max games. I really hope they won't speak in their own voice when making that game, now that I heard what that is.

  • As long as TTG keep bringing the quality stories, humour, and environments, I can live with a little WASD.

  • I must say if anything, try and work toward the old scumm games and integrate them, its not for fun, they are still so respected. So no breaking way, working toward Scumm TOWARD! :D

    But yeah i will say Sam & Max HTR, Day of the tentacle and such games, have an almost impossible to surpase, those games are just so INSANE good, on so many levels. i still play them today. Ironicly they where my first adventure games ever.

    But i do hope you will try and atleast take the best or maybe try going back to the Scumm, because sometimes going forward and making new stuff isnt always the best.

    I hope for Season 3 of Sam & max, we get more humor and an intro that can rival this, i mean ive seen it 1000times, its just as good as back then when i was alittle kid! :)

    there are just so many games today where you see or hear them say, yeah well we gotta do our own things, fine just dont do it on a working games title / series. these arent adventure games ofc, but Price of persia i has gone down the drain, Splinter cell, sam fisher goes from super agent to a homeless man who throws with macrowaves. i mean come on! lol.

    It just cant be bad going back and taking a look at the old scumm stuff and saying what can we use or maybe learn from it!, i doubt anyone can deny that it was some of the best in the point'nclick genre ever.

  • Related to the whole keyboard/joypad thing -

    [quote]Using a controller is the de facto way to play Wallace and Gromit and PC users who opt to continue with the keyboard and mouse will suffer for it.
    They may be suffering for a long time, also. When asked if Telltale planned to carry this control method over to their other franchises, Emily commented that Telltale's CEO, Dan Connors, has expressed an interest in using the design on any game which does not explicitly require a point-and-click interface.[/quote]

    (from this article -

  • Considering how DEEPLY ROOTED the Sam and Max franchise is in the SCUMM adventure game tradtion, I'd REALLY hope that the Sam and Max series is considered one of those that "explicitly requires a point-and-click interface".

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