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W&G 1 : very slow starting

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That's not really a problem preventing me from playing, but it's a little annoying, and I don't have any idea why :

When I double-click on one of the S&M games, the lauch interface appears in approx. 4 seconds. It's not running "fast" but quite well.
When I double-clic W&G first ep, I have to wait up to 32 seconds to get the launcher ! Why is that ? After that the game behaves correcty.

Note : all the TTG's games are installed in an external hard drive (to share the same install among my computers). So they share the same hardware. I did not test on another computer, but I'll do.

What does the game before starting the launcher ? It doesn't seems to lose its time on the Internet, chatting with some TTG's server... That should make the considering of making a "launcher-skipping" option more accurate, as the Linux users ask too.

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  • I've noticed this too, but with the Sam&Max games as well as Wallace&Gromit. My guess is that it's Securom at work, trying to verify all data files are intact and unmodified, before actually starting the game, or maybe even descrambling/decrypting some necessary resources.

    Did you happen to install the Sam&Max games from the DVD? That version includes a lighter form of copy protection, so I wouldn't be surprised if it started faster (not that I have really tested this...)

  • If it is the case, I'm OK with that check, but a simple dialog box with "Checking data integrity, please wait..." could've been more user friendly. First times I started the game, I thought it was not working... I'm probably not the only one.

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